New York under the snow

The recent snow storm in New York city reminded me of my stay there over christmas in 2010. It snowed about 60cm in one night, which completely changed the way I got to experience the city, suddenly it was so peaceful and quiet, and, obviously, so beautiful !

I had already been to NYC about a month before, so I had gotten all the basics covered…Central park under the snow at midnight was definitely something I didn’t expect I would ever do but definitely in my top ten things to do in New York City.

I got there from Toronto -where I was studying at the time- with Megabus, which I really recommend for cheap long distance bus trips. I stayed at the HI-Hostel on Amsterdam, a very conveniently located hostel, with amazing facilities (guitar hero really made our nights) where I met some amazing australians who I am still in touch with and we have been visiting each other all over the place since then. We went for diner at a place called Metro Diner once, where we were about the only customers due to the snow.

Anyways, here are a few pictures I took.

NYC snow 2

NYC snow1

NYC snow 3

NYC snow 4

NYC snow 5

NYC snow 6

Here’s a link to what to do in NYC in winter.

Has any of you been there during a snow storm? What were your impressions?


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